University Religious Workers of the University of Wisconsin Madison (URW) is a professional association for staff and leaders of religious groups, campus ministries and faith communities at UW-Madison. URW exists to support our members and their work with UW students, faculty and staff.  

URW serves as a liaison between campus religious leaders and University leaders

Our organization works to build bridges of understanding, respect and collaboration that furthers the educational mission of the University, while we support the religious and spiritual lives of the students in our ministries.  URW regularly hosts University staff and faculty as guest speakers.  Member groups collaborate with University partners to present programs that serve the University community.

URW  provides opportunities for professional development

URW draws religious professionals from across campus together in conversation on topics designed to equip us to better serve the needs of students on campus.  Whether by sharing the expertise within the group or learning from guests, URW strives to help members grow and develop as religious professionals working in campus ministry.

URW fosters connection, respect and collaboration among its members

URW provides an avenue for religious workers at UW Madison to connect and communicate with one another; we learn from sharing the success and struggles of our representative organizations, we build relationships that provide support and encouragement for the work we do, and we discover opportunities to collaborate on programs that support the religious and spiritual lives of students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Contact us at madisonurw@gmail.com