Conversation with Lori Berquam

URW hosted Vice Provost and Dean of Students Lori Berquam in our October 2016 meeting at Pres House.  Dean Berquam discussed the ways she understands URW members and UW faculty and staff to be working alongside one another to support students and their development and education.  She discussed campus climate and the challenges we face in helping students engage one another with respect when respect is often absent in the public arena.  She reviewed the 4 Pillars of a Wisconsin education and how we all play a part in shaping students’ experience.

April Meeting with Prof. Corrie Norman

religious studies
Tuesday, April 12th, URW meeting
 Upper House  hosting.
Breakfast and conversation at 9:00 and the meeting at 9:30.

Our April speaker is Corrie Norman, professor of religious studies. Corrie will talk about the complimentary nature of her work (UW’s religious studies program) and ours. Corrie’s husband is an Episcopal priest (Jonathan Grieser, Grace Church), and so she has a heart for students that bends from her context to ours and has a healthy understanding of the distinctions between the two.

We will also be asking for nominations for next year’s Leadership team. If you are interested in a position next year, please let us know at

How do we assess our impact?

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016 hosted by Hillel at 611 Langdon St.
The topic of our conversation? 
  • How do we as religious leaders measure, assess and evaluate our ministry efforts?
  • What impact are we hoping to have? 
  • How would we know and how can we convey that impact?
  • What do we measure? How do we measure what we do? Should we?
Come prepared to think, to share, to listen and to learn with and from one another!

Conversation with Jeff Novak

November’s meeting highlights a visit from Jeff Novak, head of UW’s housing department.  Jeff will provide an update on UW Housing (buildings, strategic plans, operations) and invite conversation about campus living and how we can best meet the needs of students. Thanks to our friends at St. Francis House for hosting us!

Read through this article for a great overview of the UW housing vision Jeff works to promote.